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Prison-Based Correctional Offender Rehabilitation Programs: The 2009 National Picture in Australia

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Karen Heseltine; Andrew Day; Rick Sarre
Date Published
99 pages
This study from the Australian Institute of Criminology, presents an overview of Australia's prison-based correctional offender rehabilitation programs at year-end 2009.
The overall findings of this report indicate that each jurisdiction in Australia has responded to the challenge of developing effective prison-based correctional offender rehabilitation programs based on evidence-based practices; that each jurisdiction has demonstrated a commitment to deliver the programs using current concepts of 'good practices'; and that an overall confidence exists in the ability of officials to move programs from theory through to policy and practice. This study contained seven primary objectives: document the offender rehabilitation programs currently offered in the Australian correctional system; document and analyze the targeted population, and the structure, length, method of delivery, and content of the programs; identify issues related to delivery and content of the current programs; compare Australia's programs with those used in other countries' correctional systems; identify changes in rehabilitation programs that have occurred over time; review the effectiveness of Australia's programs; and identify the directions for future development of the programs. The report is divided into two main sections. The first section contains a description of the legislative framework requiring the development of prison-based offender rehabilitation programs, a description of the different types of programs currently offered in custodial settings in Australia, and an examination of the changes to the programs over the past 5 years. The second section of the report provides a more detailed exploration of the programs currently offered by the correctional systems in Australia. Tables, references, and appendixes