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Prison Industries

NCJ Number
Corrections Compendium Volume: 27 Issue: 9 Dated: September 2002 Pages: 8-19
Cece Hill
Date Published
September 2002
12 pages
This report reviews the status of prison industries in the United States and Canada.
Eligibility requirements for inmates to work in prison industries vary significantly from State to State, and include qualifications such as custody level, security clearance, and educational level. In addition, 16 U.S. systems require an acceptable or discipline-free status. General guidelines in Canada include having a minimum sentence, being on a lower-risk level, having good health and a positive attitude, and an established employment need. Based on the scope of their prison industries, current operational budgets range from $2.4 million in Delaware and Vermont to a projected figure of $163 million in California. The document presents data by State concerning: prison population; number eligible to participate in an employment program; number employed; death row eligible; eligibility requirements; remedial help offered; budget; financing options; basis for wages and wage range; sales and products; and private alliances. Tables, notes