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Prison Population in 1997

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P White; J Woodbridge
Date Published
23 pages
This report summarizes statistics on the prison population in England and Wales in 1997, together with comparable information for earlier years.
The average population in custody in England and Wales in 1997 was 61,100, greater than in any previous year. It represented a 10-percent increase from the 55,300 of 1996. The average number of sentenced prisoners increased by 12 percent to 48,400 in 1997. Remand prisoners increased by 4 percent to 12,100. The average number of female inmates increased 19 percent from 2,260 in 1996 to 2,680 in 1997. Young offenders increased by 12 percent from 9,660 in 1996 to an average of 10,810 in 1997. Minorities made up 19 percent of the total inmate population. A continuation of current trends would lead to an average prison population of 82,800 during 2005. Figures, tables, and reference notes