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Process of Traffic Accident Reconstruction

NCJ Number
J S Baker; L B Fricke
Date Published
9 pages
A process is suggested for analyzing problems in traffic accident reconstruction that encompasses accident reporting, data collection at the accident scene, technical followup, professional reconstruction, and cause analysis.
Traffic accident reconstruction involves determining such particulars as position on the road, facing or heading direction, speed, direction of travel, acceleration or deceleration, and rotation. Not every accident can be reconstructed, however, due to limitations associated with the quantity and quality of available information, the ability of people doing the reconstruction, how much reconstruction is required, and available time and money. Steps to follow in reconstructing a traffic accident include stating the problem, reviewing available data, considering the need to obtain more data, preparing an after-accident situation map, working back from accident results, testing theories, considering whether all reported accident results are satisfactorily accounted for, testing conclusions reached, and preparing diagrams and charts to illustrate conclusions. Problems associated with traffic accident reconstruction are noted. 7 figures.


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