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Providing Evidence-Based Programs With Fidelity in Washington State Juvenile Courts: Cost Analysis

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Robert Barnoski
Date Published
December 2009
40 pages
This report from the Washington State Institute for Public Policy details the results of a cost analysis of the State-funded evidence-based programs used in the State's juvenile courts.
This report presents an analysis of the costs to Washington State for providing evidence-based programs to the State's juvenile courts. The analysis examined the costs associated with the programs for fiscal year 2008. By providing this analysis, the State is able to estimate the number of youth who can be served by the programs for a given amount of State funding. The programs funded by the State are: Aggression Replacement Training (ART); Coordination of Services (COS); Functional Family Therapy (FFT); Family Integrated Transitions (FIT); and Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST). For each program, the analysis examined the number of youth served, service delivery hours per youth, hourly service delivery cost per youth, quality assurance cost per youth, administrative overhead per youth, transportation costs, additional court services costs, oversight per youth, court referral/coordination per youth, and case management costs per youth. In fiscal year 2008, 1,908 youth were served by the ART program for a cost of $1,449 per youth, compared to 40 youth served by FIT for a cost of $10,795. The data for this report came from two sources: a 2008 survey of costs from the juvenile courts and the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration, and a cost analysis based on the evidence-based program models. 14 exhibits and appendixes A-D