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Question Formulation

NCJ Number
Polygraph Volume: 37 Issue: 1 Dated: 2008 Pages: 42-48
Norman Ansley
Date Published
In the formulation of questions for polygraph testing, this paper presents some general observations followed by guidelines in several areas.
This paper contains observations about question formulation for polygraph testing followed by specific guidelines. Some general observations identified include: (1) a prepared question list may result in the examinee’s lack of understanding of one or more questions causing problems with the test; and (2) technical questions designed to appear as relevant questions must be treated with the same thoroughness as the relevant questions. Applicable to the frequently used testing formats, the guidelines cover relevant questions, probable lie control/comparison questions, irrelevant questions, and wording of peak of tension and guilty knowledge tests. Guidelines for technical questions used by only one test format are not offered. In addition, there are abstracts of three legal cases where question formulation was an issue. References