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Racialisation of Disorder in Twentieth Century Britain

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Michael Rowe
Date Published
221 pages
This book develops the concept of racialization.
The book argues that a full understanding of racialized discourse must pay attention to both the particular local circumstances in which it appears and well-established themes which have unfolded over time. The study examines other discourses with which racialized ideas have joined, reflecting the way in which notions of “race” are socially constructed. It also examines debates of the 1980's and claims that the racialization of unrest in that decade was closely intertwined with conservative perspectives that sought to deny socioeconomic causes in favor of explanations based upon the supposed cultural or personal proclivities of those involved. Chapter One examines the theoretical debates that underpin the racialization problematic. Chapters Two to Five present four case studies, with outlines of events and their background and context and critical discussion of key themes. The final chapter is organized around the racialization of public disorder and the nature of political debates about law and order in Britain. Notes, figures, tables, bibliography, index