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Recidivism of Delaware Juvenile Sex Offenders Released in 2001

NCJ Number
Jorge Rodriguez-Labarca; John P. O'Connell
Date Published
September 2007
21 pages
This report presents descriptive and recidivism (for 5 years after release) data on the 22 juvenile sex offenders released from incarceration in Delaware during 2001.
The main recidivism measures were rearrests and reincarceration following a 2001 release pursuant to a sex offense adjudication. The overall rearrest recidivism rate at 5 years after release was 77 percent; 41 percent were rearrested for a new sex offense, and 64 percent were rearrested for a felony within 5 years of release. Thirty-six percent were readmitted to incarceration within 5 years of release. Results are reported for four types of juvenile sex offenders: rapists, sexual contact, child molesters, and statutory rapists. Of the 22 offenders analyzed, 21 were classified as either a rapist or a sexual contact offender. Regarding demographic characteristics, the 22 juvenile sex offenders were evenly split by race between Blacks and Whites; one offender was Hispanic. One offender was female. The average offender was 16.6 years old at release. All in the sample were sentenced by Family Court to indefinite sentences that were served in out-of-state sex offender residential treatment programs. The time served ranged from 12.7 months to 43.5 months, with the average time served being just under 2 years. Sixty-eight percent had prior arrests for any crime. Data were obtained from Delaware's Criminal Justice Information System. 9 tables