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Recommendation for the Maintenance of the Unified CAD Functional Requirements Document

NCJ Number
Date Published
February 2012
10 pages
This paper presents a recommendation for the methodology in maintaining the "Unified CAD Functional Requirements," since CAD systems are improved over time with functional modification or additions.
The publication "Unified CAD Functional Requirements " (UCADFR) is an invaluable resource for the law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical services, communications, and industry communities by supporting the planning, acquisition, and management of full-featured CAD software applications; however, this document is expected to require periodic revision. The UCADFR was published by the IJIS Institute and the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International (APCO) in 2012. The IJIS Institute and APCO, on behalf of the U.S. Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Assistance, launched the Unified CAD (UCAD), in part, to create the UCADFR document. The UCAD Project Committee recommends that the UCADFR be made an APCO standard and maintained via the APCO ANS (American National Standard) process. The outcome of moving the UCADFR forward through the APCO ANS process and having APCO assume ownership of the UCADFR will enable APCO to assume the ongoing maintenance role. In addition, the approval of the UCADFR as an ANS will provide a greater likelihood that the UCADFR will be used by the public safety community and the CAD industry. The reasoning for this recommendation is provided in the current document. 2 figures