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Recommended Standards and Procedures of the Canadian Society of Forensic Science Alcohol Test Committee

NCJ Number
Canadian Society of Forensic Science Journal Volume: 46 Issue: 1 Dated: March 2013 Pages: 1-23
B. Yamashita
Date Published
March 2013
23 pages
The Alcohol Test Committee of the Canadian Society of Forensic Science presents its latest version of the "Recommended Standards and Procedures" for breath-test programs and practices, which reflect new developments in science, technology, and the law.
The two objectives of these standards are to specify requirements to be met by new instruments, screening devices, and containers, as well as to recommend procedures and guidelines for the implementation and use of approved instruments and screening devices. The latter objective includes recommendations for training, maintenance, and operation, as well as the roles and qualifications of key personnel involved in the administration of a breath-test program. Standards for equipment address approved instruments, screening devices, and containers (blood samples). Standards for materials pertain to alcohol standards; and standards for general administrative consideration relate to the work of the program director, training course director, and field coordinator. Standards for training designation focus on approved instruments (qualified technicians, conversion training proficiency testing of qualified technicians, refresher training, and authority to recommend revocation of designation), as well screening devices (calibration technicians, and screening device users). Standards for maintenance and modification address inspections, field maintenance, qualifications of authorized service personnel, modification, and maintenance logs. Requirements of operational procedures relate to approved instruments, screening devices, and containers. The section on equipment evaluation procedures contains general guidelines and individual standards (approved instruments, screening devices, and containers (blood samples). 8 references, a listing of the members of the Alcohol Test Committee, and an addendum for the Procedure for Statistical Analysis of Results Obtained for Standard 5 for Approved Instruments