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Recruitment, Retention, and Turnover of Police Personnel: Reliable, Practical, and Effective Solutions

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W. Dwayne Orrick B.A., M.P.A.
Date Published
249 pages
This book presents a systematic approach to successful employee recruitment in both law-enforcement and other criminal-justice agencies.
Although the concepts of the book are theoretically based, emphasis is given to reliable, practical, and effective solutions for addressing the issues of recruitment, retention, and turnover of police personnel. Chapters provide a detailed discussion of the legal environment and the necessity to develop a diverse workforce. They also outline the need, benefits, and steps for identifying an agency’s core values, how to conduct an organizational assessment, and how to conduct a staffing analysis that creates the foundation for reducing turnover and improving recruitment. In addition, the tools are described for identifying an agency’s labor market and tailoring recruitment efforts accordingly. Also examined is the need to market a department and develop an employer brand, along with the development of a relationship with the media. A variety of recruitment techniques are presented, including referral systems, “poaching,” electronic and print media, and career fairs. A special section of the book suggests ways to improve minority and female recruitment. Chapters are included that identify the factors influencing the high levels of turnover, and they suggest actions for building a strong organizational culture that can counteract influences contributing to turnover. Other chapters focus on the mentoring process as a means to guide employees through the various stages of their career. Footnotes, a subject index, and appended sample mentoring program agreement form