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Reentry Education Model: Supporting Education and Career Advancement for Low-Skill Individuals In Corrections

NCJ Number
Michelle Tolbert
Date Published
36 pages
This report from the U.S. Department of Education presents a reentry education model for use by low-skill incarcerated offenders.
Current research has shown that within 3 years of release from Federal and State prisons, approximately 20 percent of prisoners will have committed new crimes or violated the terms of their release and be reincarcerated. This situation causes significant problems for Federal and State corrections officials, namely increased costs, reduced levels of public safety, and destruction of families and communities. This report presents a reentry education model aimed at breaking the reincarceration cycle for recently released offenders. The model focuses on the following: strengthening and aligning education services provided in correctional institutions and the community to support successful movement between the two; establishing a strong program infrastructure to support and improve education services; ensuring education is well integrated into the corrections system by making it a critical component of intake and prerelease processes and closely linking it to support and employment services; and encouraging individuals to identify and achieve education and career goals, while recognizing that their education path is not linear or uniform. Each segment of the model is explained in detail in the report, highlighting the program activities and infrastructure needed to develop an education continuum. Tables, figures, references