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Registrar of the Firearms' Report to the Solicitor General of Canada on the Administration of the Firearms Act, 2002: A National Police Service of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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52 pages
This government report covers the period from January 1 to December 31, 2002 and is a required annual report on the administration of the Firearms Act.
This report consists of four main sections. The first section: Adopting to Meet Evolving Demands, describes how the Canada Firearms Centre and its partners focus their efforts on how to work more productively by simplifying and streamlining the process and their organizational structure. The second section: Completing the Registration Phase, explains how the program seeks ways to help firearms owners and to relieve administrative burdens when faced with the December 31, 2002, deadline for firearms registration. The third section: Maintaining Services to the Firearms Community, applauds the close working relationship of the program with the firearms community and how it has sought to further enhance services and communication links with these communities. The fourth section: Preparing for Transition, authenticates how the program has directed its attention to re-engineering its business lines and developing a new service delivery model. The report concludes with an extensive self-evaluation on the effectiveness of the overall program to date, including voluminous statistical data, charts, and program descriptions. 8 annexes