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Regulation and Prevention of Economic Crime Internationally

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Major sections of this book contain chapters that focus on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of economic crime internationally.
This book provides a detailed analysis of the variety of criminal activities covered under the term "economic crime." It then proceeds to study the globalization of organized crime and its spread to the developing economies of former Eastern bloc countries and Third World nations, as well as its threat to a barrier-free Europe. Chapters also address the international best practice on the control of economic crime. Chapters highlight the importance of sound regulation of industries vulnerable to economic crime; of appropriate empowerment of the regulator; of cooperation between regulators; and of the onus on the private sector itself to define, monitor, and enforce best practice to deter the menace of economic crime. Topics discussed include the definition and classification of economic crime, the role of drugs in organized/economic crime, the application of IT and electronic communications to facilitate fraud, an international overview of the incidence of economic crime, international cooperation, confiscation, insider trading, extradition, money laundering, "teeth" for regulators, protecting the integrity of the financial system, improved auditing practices, public and private sector accountability, and the mobilization of public opinion. For individual chapters, see NCJ-160748-61. Appended supplementary information and a subject index