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Report on Drug Addiction Treatment Centre Admissions 2008

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39 pages
This report provides data and information on all persons admitted to Hong Kong's Drug Addiction Treatment Center (DATC) program in 2008.
As used throughout this report, the term "drug" refers to drugs obtained from the illicit market, mainly heroin. The persons for whom data and information are provided in this report are addicted to drugs and have been admitted for treatment in a DATC operated by the Hong Kong Correctional Services Department under the Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Ordinance. A total of 1,316 sentenced persons were admitted to the compulsory program in 2008, a reduction of 4 percent compared to 2007. The number of males admitted (1,080) decreased by 4 percent from 2007. The proportion of young persons (under 21years old) admitted to a DATC was 16 percent in 2008 compared to 9 percent in 2007. Data on the personal attributes of those admitted to a DATC program address not only age and gender but also place of birth, educational attainment, and employment status. Family-related data cover marital status and living arrangements. Residence-related data address district of residence and type of housing. Data related to drug addiction cover age at first use of drugs, self-reported cause of drug use and peer association at first drug use, type of drugs abused, daily cost of drugs, method of taking drugs, district where drugs were procured, and the length of the addiction. Data on criminal history encompass triad affiliation, age of first conviction, first offense, previous convictions, previous institutional sentences, and current offense. 11 charts and 23 tables