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Report of the Workshop Measures To Combat Economic Crime, Including Money-Laundering

NCJ Number
Date Published
February 2006
203 pages
This is a compilation of the transcripts, presentations, and discussions of the Workshop on Measures To Combat Economic Crime, Including Money-Laundering, which was held at the 11th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (April 18-25, 2005).
One focus of the workshop was success stories and obstacles in the fight against economic crime and in the prosecution of money-laundering cases, including the confiscation of crime proceeds under money-laundering legislation. The workshop also considered how financial intelligence units could cooperate with one another and other institutions in order to ensure best practice in national and international cooperation. In addition, workshop participants discussed how best to implement standards for countering money laundering in the informal and cash-based economy. Another focus of the workshop was the promotion of the ratification and implementation of the Organized Crime Convention and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, particularly their provisions relating to money laundering. Two workshop panels addressed trends in economic crime and countermeasures and a case-based discussion on economic crime. Among the topics discussed was the enhancement of cooperative mechanisms for long-term intelligence-sharing across countries, the implementation of effective control systems, and the enactment of legislation that provides all sectors of the criminal justice system with the tools to respond to new forms of economic crime, such as identity theft. Capacity-building through technical assistance was also considered in the first two panels. Two other workshop panels included presentations on measures against money laundering and a case-based discussion on money laundering. Six papers presented in the panel discussions are included in this report, along with talking points submitted by panelists. Also contained in this workshop report are papers presented by delegations from Chile, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, and Benin.