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Research Report Summaries, 2010

NCJ Number
Eira Mykkanen
Date Published
44 pages
This research examines crime, criminality and the functioning of the criminal justice system in Finland.
Report summaries include: 1) "Enforcement and Applicability of Supervised Probationary Freedom in Finland" which examines the enforcement of supervised probationary freedom in Finland and the possible needs for elaborating the system; 2) "Crime Trends in Finland" which explores how the societal changes in Finland reflect the statistics on recorded crime; 3) "Precision of Legislation and Its Problems" which focuses on the precision of rules, such as the general versus the specific formulation of legal rule; 4) "Better Regulation - A Critical Assessment" which consists of proceedings from the second International Conference On Legislative Studies held on March 1-2, 2010 in Helsinki; 5) "The Prevalence and Correlates of Being Targeted for Police Control Among Finnish Adolescents" which examines the prevalence, correlates, and nature of police contacts of Finnish adolescents, aged 15 and 16; and 6)"The Precision of Legal Rules: The Doctrine within the Law and Economics Approach And a Critical View on I" which discusses how general or detailed a level legal rules should be formulated.