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Researcher-Survivor Formative Evaluation of San Francisco's Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces: Analysis of Prosecutorial Outcomes for San Francisco Police Department Prostitution and/or Human Trafficking Incident Reports

NCJ Number
Alexandra Lutnick; Minh Dang
Date Published
August 2018
23 pages

As part of a comprehensive analysis of a random sample of the San Francisco Police Department's (SFPD's) incident reports labeled as prostitution and/or human trafficking for the years 2009/2010 and 2014/2015, this report presents a separate analysis of the prosecutorial outcomes for those incidents that resulted in someone being cited and/or booked


The analysis of the SFPD data included 989 incident reports for the years examined. A total of 1,442 people were listed on the SFPD incident report. Out of this number, 64 percent received a citation (n=924). The San Francisco District Attorney's (SFDA's) office then provided data on prosecutorial outcomes for all individuals for whom they had information (n= 816). Of these 816 people, 474 were charged with selling sex (58 percent). Among these 474 people, 36 percent were referred to Neighborhood Court, with more of these citations referred to such courts in 2014/2015. Of the incidents referred to Neighborhood Court, 60 percent were completed, and 39 percent were discharged. Cases were discharged largely because further investigation was needed or lack of evidence in cases that involved third parties. For cases not referred to the Neighborhood Court system, the vast majority were either discharged or dismissed. 10 tables