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Resource Material Series No. 68

NCJ Number
Simon Cornell
Date Published
March 2006
253 pages
These papers and reports presented at the 129th International Senior Seminar sponsored by the United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders (January 11-February 9, 2005) relate to the seminar's theme: "Crime Prevention in the 21st Century--Effective Prevention of Crime Associated With Urbanization Based Upon Community Involvement and Prevention of Youth Crime and Juvenile Delinquency."
Ten papers authored by visiting experts focus on the various socioeconomic factors in the urbanization characteristic of so many countries in the 21st century. They discuss how urbanization has fostered social and economic conditions that have weakened informal social controls and contributed to various types of crime. The papers also focus on various effective crime prevention measures used in some countries to address urban crime, with attention to young offenders. The recommended crime prevention programs involve cooperation among multiple agencies and organizations, both public and private, which cooperate in planning, implementing, and monitoring projects and activities that address conditions which foster criminal behavior and opportunities for crime. Examples of crime analyses and prevention are presented from the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, the United States, and the Republic of the Philippines. In addition to the 10 reports presented by experts from the aforementioned countries, 2 seminar participants presented papers on crime and crime prevention in their countries, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Two other seminar participants describe the juvenile justice system in Indonesia and trends and practices in juvenile detention in Malaysia. Three seminar group reports address effective measures for the prevention of crime linked to urbanization, effective delinquency prevention measures for youth at risk of delinquency, and the community's role in the reintegration of victims and offenders into the community.