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Retail Manager's Guide to Crime & Loss Prevention: Protecting Your Business From Theft, Fraud and Violence

NCJ Number
Liz Martinez
Date Published
219 pages
This book provides guidance to retail managers and business owners on what they can do to prevent financial loss and other harms due to theft, fraud, and violence.
Three chapters focus on strategies and tactics for preventing employee theft. The first chapter provides advice on how to select employees most likely to help rather than hurt the business. The ongoing management of personnel to prevent theft is discussed as well, along with the handling of the payroll, discounts and damaged goods, inventory monitoring, and preventing employee thefts of "lay-away" merchandise. A second chapter on the prevention of employee theft focuses on thefts that can occur at the cash register. Among the topics addressed are the handling of sales that are "voided," refund control, undercharging friends/family members, preventing cash theft, unrecorded sales, theft of gift certificates, recognizing suspicious behavior, and the importance of paperwork. The third chapter on preventing employee theft focuses on security procedures in managing employees who deal with the businesses banking. Fifteen chapters address the prevention of loss and harm to the business caused by nonemployees. Chapters cover the techniques and prevention of shoplifting, techniques and prevention of fraudulent transactions, credit card fraud, protection against counterfeit money and cash scams, and refund and exchange scams and errors. Other chapters focus on vendor fraud and the handling of new merchandise received, insurance protection, armed robbery, burglary, physical security, workplace violence, sexual harassment, and workplace safety. A chapter also discusses ways to protect the business and customers against losses while conducting Internet sales. Appended sample workplace violence prevention policy, a model sexual harassment policy, security resource listings, and a subject index