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Rethinking Indirect Aggression: The End of the Mean Girl Myth

NCJ Number
Victims & Offenders Volume: 8 Issue: 3 Dated: July - September 2013 Pages: 308-328
Sibylle Artz; Wassilis Kassis; Stephanie Moldenhauer
Date Published
July 2013
21 pages
This cross-cultural study examined indirect aggression between male and female adolescents.
Although much has been made of the "mean girl" and her use of indirect aggression, this cross-cultural study of 5,789 adolescents from 6 countries (Austria, Canada, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, and Switzerland) found that significantly more boys (46.8 percent) than girls (31.7 percent) reported using indirect aggression against peers. Additionally, because females reported an almost 19 times higher probability than males for using indirect aggression against opposite sex peers, males are by far the more likely targets of indirect aggressionthus suggesting that indirect aggression is a male, not a female, issue. Abstract published by arrangement with Taylor and Francis.