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Royal Hong Kong Police Force Review 1994

NCJ Number
E H Ki-on
Date Published
88 pages
This 1994 Annual Report of the Royal Hong Kong Police Force addresses force organization, operations, personnel and training, management services, administration and finance, and performance pledges.
Information on crime addresses specific trends, commercial crime, narcotics, organized and serious crime, criminal records, identification, ballistics and firearms identification, Interpol, crime prevention, forensic pathology, and forensic science. The report section on operations also provides information on illegal immigration, Vietnamese migrants and refugees, smuggling, bomb reports, traffic law enforcement, the Societies Notification and Licensing Office, and public relations. The report on personnel considers recruitment and losses, personnel services, sports and recreation, consultation, force housing, and the restructuring of the personnel "wing." Types of training offered are also outlined. The section on management services focuses on information systems and service quality. Information on civil administration, finance, and planning and development is provided as well. Appended statistics encompass the number of reported crimes; the number of cases reported, detected, and the detection rate for 1993 and 1994; overall crime, 1984-94; crime rate, 1984- 94; violent crime, 1984-94; violent crime rate; robbery, 1984-94; robbery involving firearms, 1984-94; bank robbery, 1984-94; goldsmith/watch shop robberies, 1984-94; burglary, 1984-94; wounding and serious assault, 1984-94; missing motor vehicle, 1984-94; juvenile offenders, 1984-94; young offenders, 1984-94; persons arrested by age group, 1994; number of prosecutions for miscellaneous offenses and minor narcotics offenses reported; and traffic accidents and casualties, 1993 and 1994.