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Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents: Coordination and Response

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Date Published
October 2014
6 pages
This Part II of a two-part Training Key on children of arrested parents recommends policies and procedures for law enforcement agencies in addressing the needs of these children.
Law enforcement agencies must train officers to identify and respond effectively to a child of an arrested parent, whether or not the child is present at the time of the arrest. The purpose of such training is to help minimize trauma to the child due to the parent's arrest by providing emotional and physical support and safety during and following the parent's arrest. Safeguarding a child's well-being is the shared responsibility of a number of partner organizations within the community, not only law enforcement agencies. This requires structured collaboration and coordination among these organizations in setting policies and practices, as well as sharing resources for the benefit of children of arrested parents. This Training Key offers policy and practice suggestions regarding a child's custody after the arrest, the child's contact with the parent after the arrest, interagency coordination and training, pre-arrest planning, making an arrest, appropriate placement of a child, and follow-up visits to the child and his/her caregiver after the arrest. 3 notes