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Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children Is Widespread (From Child Abuse: Opposing Viewpoints, P 142-148, 1994, David Bender and Bruno Leone, eds. -- See NCJ-159823)

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C A Raschke
Date Published
7 pages
The author verifies stories of child abuse practices as part of Satanic cult rituals, arguing that secret cults practice ritual child sexual abuse, mutilation, and murder as criminal black arts.
He contends that Satanism provides a fertile field for such underworld activities as child pornography, drug dealing, and sexual abuse. The McMartin preschool case is described to demonstrate widespread child abuse, particularly in day care centers, and to challenge the myth of the 1960's which states that institutionalizing the care of children is not only harmless but also congruent with societal goals. Powerful interests who want the public to remain confused about the relationship between Satanism and sexual abuse are examined, along with the influence of Satanism in the underworld of child pornography, drugs, and sexual abuse.