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Secret Cults in Nigerian Institutions of Higher Learning: Need for a Radical Intervention Programme

NCJ Number
Journal of School Violence Volume: 5 Issue: 2 Dated: 2006 Pages: 73-85
B. I. Popoola; K. A. Alao
Date Published
13 pages
This paper appraises the phenomenon of campus secret cults in Nigeria.
This paper demonstrates the negative consequences of campus cult activities. The fight against cultism can not be a fight by the government of Nigeria alone; it needs to be the responsibility of all Nigerians. Today, cults are spreading to secondary schools in the country causing urgency for eradication. It is the argument of this paper that because of its socio-psychological antecedents, an outright eradication of cultism may not be achievable immediately. What is feasible now is to put in place a framework which will recognize the existence and operation of fraternities on campuses with the main objective of restructuring, monitoring, and regulating their activities. The secret cult phenomenon is presently the greatest of the contemporary social problems facing the Nigerian educational system today. Cultists in university campuses carry out their operations always armed with guns and other lethal weapons. They terrorize, maim, or kill their victims with reckless impunity. These cult clashes and attacks are spilling over into primary and secondary education. This paper identifies various reasons for the emergence of secret cults and discusses the consequences of cult activities on the Nigerian educational system. References