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Section 2: History and Operations of Regulatory Bodies in Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Quebec -- Quebec Lotteries (From Gambling in Canada: Golden Goose or Trojan Horse?, P 53-67, 1989, Colin S. Campbell and John Lowman, Eds. -- See NCJ-126295)

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M Caron
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The Lotteries Commission for Quebec was created in 1970 according to the terms of the Act Respecting Lotteries, Racing, Publicity Contests, and Amusement Machines.
The Commission's mandate provides it administrative power with regard to licensing, regulatory power to adopt rules, judicial power to dispose of litigation, power to reach agreement with other governments, and the power of verification and enquiry to ensure the application of and respect for the law. All five Commission members are appointed by the provincial government and all are full-time employees of the Commission. The Commission issues raffles and bingo licenses to organizations that meet the requirements of being charitable. Blackjack licenses are issued only for use at agricultural fairs. The Commission oversees operations of casinos following license approval by the Ministers in Council. A moratorium on casino licenses was imposed in 1986. Bingo licenses are issued at a cost of one percent of the total value attributed to each bingo. The Commission is currently considering several measures to provide easy access to charitable organizations of financing through bingo games.