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Security Applications in Industry and Institutions

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L J Fennelly
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These 19 papers by security professionals are addressed to security professionals and students and focus on prevention, the central concept in controlling loss and crime in industry and institutions.
An introduction presents the history and basic principles of crime prevention and security. Chapters on institutional and industrial security explain specific issues, equipment, systems, and procedures related to retail security, shoplifting, loss prevention during the transportation and distribution of goods, bank security, hotel security, the protection of hotels and motels, campus security, hospital security, museum and library security, and the security of high-rise office buildings. Loss prevention planning and controls are also detailed with respect to computer security, emergency planning, the protection of vital records, bomb threats and search techniques, and job applicant screening. Additional chapters explain internal theft controls, executive protection, the operations of a security guard force, civil law related to security, and media and public relations. Photographs, tables, figures, checklists, forms, index, and chapter reference lists