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Sentencing Options of Federal District Judges - Federal Judicial Center, June 1985 - Revision

NCJ Number
A Partridge
Date Published
67 pages
Taking into account changes in sentencing statutes made by the 98th Congress currently in effect as well as sentencing administrative policies in effect April 30, 1985, this booklet reviews Federal sentencing options and the effects of good-time allowances and parole procedures on sentences.
Intended principally for newly appointed Federal district judges, the booklet first identifies and explains basic sentencing options for adult offenders (imprisonment, halfway house, fines, special assessment, probation, and restitution) and considers the sense of the U.S. Senate 1984 resolution encouraging the use of alternatives to imprisonment. Also addressed are the function of 'good time' and the possible effects of 'statutory good time' and 'extra good time' on lengths of prison sentences. Separate chapters cover how to determine the prison release date for adult sentences of over 1 year and the prison release date for those sentenced to 1 year or less; incarceration conditions and special sentences for young offenders, drug addicts, and offenders with mental diseases or defects; and the use of observation and judicial communication with the Parole Commission and the Bureau of Prisons as an aid to the sentencing judge. Appendixes contain a Parole Commission statement on the use of 'offense behavior' and an excerpt from the Joint Explanatory Statement of the Committee Conference on the Parole Commission and Reorganization Act of 1976.