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Serious and Organised Crime Strategy

NCJ Number
Date Published
October 2013
76 pages
This report presents the British Government's new national strategy for countering serious and organized crime.
The strategy uses the framework the Government developed for countering terrorism. It has four components: the prosecution of individuals engaged in serious and organized crime ("Pursue"); the prevention of individuals from engaging in such crimes ("Prevent"); an increase in protection against such crime ("Protect"); and reduction in the impact of such crime ("Prepare"). Strategic objectives of "Pursue" are to establish effective collaboration among criminal justice agencies; develop capabilities for identifying and prosecuting those who engage in serious and organized crime; undermine the financing of such crime; ensure that effective legal powers are available; and improve international cooperation in the identification, tracking, and prosecution of those engaged in serious and organized crime. The strategic objectives of "Prevent" are to raise public awareness of the nature and consequences of such crime; to prevent people from being drawn into various types of such crime; to develop techniques for deterring people from continuing in such crime; and to establish an effective offender management framework. Protects strategic objectives are to protect the country's border; to protect national and local governments; to improve security in the private sector; to protect people at risk of becoming victims; to improve anti-corruption systems; and to strengthen systems for establishing one's identity. Prepares strategic objectives are to ensure that major serious and organized crime offenses are brought to a rapid and effective resolution, as well as to provide communities, victims, and witnesses affected by such crimes with the support they need. Appendixes address accountability, governance, and funding, as well as departmental roles and responsibilities for countering serious and organized crime.