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Sex Offenders in Arkansas: Characteristics of Offenders and Enforcement of Sex Offender Laws

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Jeffery T. Walker Ph.D.; Gwen Ervin-McLarty
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This report describes characteristics of sex offenders and enforcement of sex offender laws in Arkansas.
The document presents research findings in four major areas. First is the general characteristics and nature of sex offenders, victims and offenses, and bivariate measures of those characteristics. The next major section is related to urban and rural differences among sex offenders. The third section conveys the results of a survey of all Arkansas law enforcement agencies concerning the resources used in sex offender registration and notification and the attitudes of law enforcement officials concerning their duties involving sex offenders. The fourth section relates information concerning use of the Internet by sex offenders for information about sex offender laws and State guidelines concerning sex offenders. A critical drawback of the sex offender registration movement is that law enforcement and record keeping agencies have been given little guidance and support to develop, test and maintain sex offender registration and notification systems. This is especially critical for rural law enforcement agencies, which have proportionately larger patrol areas and whose personnel may not have the training to undertake registration and notification of sex offenders. Tables, notes, figure, references, appendix