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Sexual Abuse Interview for those With Developmental Disabilities

NCJ Number
D Valenti-Hein; L D Schwartz
Date Published
240 pages
This tool for interviewing child sexual abuse victims provides a program guide, an assessment protocol, a response record form, a set of laminated illustrations, and a set of anatomical drawings.
The program guide discusses background issues in abuse and disabilities, the conceptualization of sexual abuse evaluations, critical issues in conducting sexual abuse evaluations, and the administration of interviews. A section on auxiliary information focuses on collateral interviews, interpretation, report writing, continued client support, and court appearances. The assessment protocol provides questions to be used in various phases of the assessment interview. The discussion and questions for the first interview session focus on setting the stage, determination of competency, developmental assessment, an assessment of the interviewee's routine, the situation-picture assessment, and the ending of the first session. The second session encompasses the removal of barriers to disclosure, experience assessment, disclosure follow-up, sexual background, and the ending of the second session. The Response Record Form is used to record all information obtained from the interview.