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Sexual Assault of Male Inmates in Incarcerated Settings

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International Journal of the Sociology of Law Volume: 20 Issue: 2 Dated: (June 1992) Pages: 135-157
R W Dumond
Date Published
23 pages
This article examines the incidence of inmate sexual assault in U.S. prisons, victim trauma, and strategies of prevention and intervention.
Although there are no precise, objective data on the incidence of sexual assault in U.S. prisons, anecdotal and suggestive data indicate that it is a serious problem of inmate security and safety. The inmate victims of such assault experience humiliation, degradation, and possible re-victimization. Sexual assaults contribute to violence in prison and diminish the chances of inmate rehabilitation. Victims of sexual assault in prison often return to the community embittered and enraged, thus prone to the commission of more criminal offenses. To address this problem, local/State/Federal correctional officials should scientifically determine the incidence of prison sexual violence and establish a crisis intervention protocol for inmate victims in accordance with the Cotton and Groth (1984) model. Preventive and intervention steps should include relevant training and attitudinal development for correctional staff, long-term strategies for inmate victims, mandated reporting of any incident of sexual assault, and a more efficient response in the prosecution of such offenses. 87 references