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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Identify. Stop. Prevent. II

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42 pages
This kit includes a videotape and a training leader's manual designed to train employees on how to define sexual harassment and offensive behaviors that can be considered harassment, identify each type of harassment, prevent harassment from happening, and stop sexual harassment if it does occur.
The videotape and manual emphasize that harassment on the basis of sex is illegal and that employers must anticipate harassment in their workplace, address it when it occurs, and prevent it through employee education. The materials reflect recent guidelines and court rulings on sexual harassment. The videotape depicts an employee training session that includes lecture, discussion, and the use of videotaped vignettes of sample harassment situations. The training materials define the two types of sexual harassment (quid pro quo harassment and hostile environment harassment), present case examples of each form of harassment, and provide instructions on how the employee and employer should recognize and respond appropriately to the problem. The manual presents a checklist for preparing a training session, possible session agendas, outlines and instructions for each segment of the training, and copies of participant materials and overheads.


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