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Sharing Criminal History Record Information: The Interstate Identification Index

NCJ Number
ICJLA Research Bulletin Volume: 2 Issue: 8 Dated: November 2003 Pages: 1-8
Eric Grommon; Christine Devitt
Date Published
November 2003
8 pages
This bulletin provides information about the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Interstate Identification Index and details Illinois’ participation in this system over the past decade.
During the early 1980’s, the FBI compiled an electronic index of names and personal identification information of arrested persons called the Interstate Identification Index. Federal, State, and local criminal justice agencies can conduct searches of subjects directly and readily access criminal records from other States. The Interstate Identification Index is a voluntary system; by the end of 1993, 26 States were providing access to approximately 16,341,400 criminal histories; as of March 2003, 45 States were participating in the system, granting access to approximately 48 million automated criminal histories. Criminal justice agencies may use these records for many purposes, including weapons-related checks, criminal history checks on potential criminal justice employees, and for national security purposes. The Interstate Identification Index utilizes an “index-pointer” system to guide searches of names and personal identifying information. Once the user identifies a criminal history file through the search, the user may submit a request for the criminal history record transcript. The entire process from the search, through the request, to receipt of information may take less than 1 minute. Illinois participates in the Interstate Identification Index and makes available information on felony or misdemeanor convictions, no conviction, or pending or unknown outcome. While details of the conviction will not be seen by users from other States, the system will alert any user to the fact that the subject has been previously convicted in some criminal matter. Since it began participating in the Interstate Identification Index in 1993, Illinois has experienced a significant increase in the number of interstate records available for criminal justice decisionmaking purposes. Notes