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Similarities Between Green Criminology and Green Science: Toward a Typology of Green Criminology

NCJ Number
International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Jsutice Volume: 35 Issue: 4 Dated: November 2011 Pages: 293-306
Michael J. Lynch; Paul B. Stretesky
Date Published
November 2011
14 pages
This article discusses green criminology.
Green criminology can be described as the study of environmental harm, crime, victimization, law, regulation, and justice. In this essay, the authors note that the development of green criminology has been slowed by the divergent, multifaceted, issue-driven approach to the field. The authors propose a green criminological typology that draws upon divisions established in the natural sciences literatures in the fields of ecotoxicology, environmental toxicology, and green chemistry. Specifically, the authors demonstrate how the green sciences can be divided into eco-approaches, enviro-approaches, and policy-oriented approaches. The authors apply this framework in the green sciences to green criminology while recognizing the need for a fourth area that that addresses economic, social, political, and philosophical theories. The authors review the development and division of the green sciences to show that green criminology can be divided into "enviro-green" criminology and "eco-green" criminology. The authors encourage green criminologists to further develop this green typology to advance the field. (Published Abstract)