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Smuggling Tunnels: The Need for a Transnational Analysis

NCJ Number
Inside Homeland Security Volume: 9 Issue: 1 Dated: Spring 2011 Pages: 52-69
Terrance G. Lichtenwald; Frank S. Perri
Date Published
18 pages
This article examines the growing number of tunnels found on the U.S. border and the security threats they pose for the United States.
Tunnels present significant national security concerns to the United States of America because of the devastating consequences inherent in terrorist organizations using tunnels as conduits to bypass Department of Homeland Security measures. This paper outlines sources and methods used by Canada, Israel, and South Korea to combat smuggling tunnel excavation, communication methods, and security operations. Integrating Canadian, Israeli, and South Korean sources and methods into U.S. homeland security is considered. The research design for transnational analysis of smuggling tunnels with ongoing data collection for U.S. intelligence and law enforcement is proposed. (Published Abstract)