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Social Proposal for Reclaiming Humans

NCJ Number
William B. Maxwell
Date Published
140 pages
This book proposes the use of bond (similar to bail bond) and the use of an offender savings account to guarantee law-abiding behavior under probation or parole.
Under the bond system, an insurance company would stand behind the offender and guarantee that the offender's behavior will be law abiding. This system would be similar to an appearance (bail) bond. Bonding companies take the risk that the charged person will appear for trial because they make money by so doing. Although spouses, lovers, friends, and family can contribute to the purchase of the bond, the offender's own contribution would be the most effective in influencing offender behavior under the bond. If insurance companies in general are successful, it is because they use monetary incentives to encourage stronger and safer automobiles, healthier lifestyles, safer homes, and better training in work places. Financial incentives greatly influence human behavior. Just as in other arenas of human risk, insurance companies would assume the risk that offenders would recidivate in order to make money. The offender would in turn make an effort to comply with the law in order to save money. Further, requiring an offender to have a savings account under which half the account is given to the offender upon "release" (transition into the offender's chosen system of limited liberty) and the remainder is in trust until the completion of the sentence would provide an additional financial incentive to be law-abiding. The details of this plan are provided in the book. Appended supplementary material