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Special Forces Underground: A Defector in Place

NCJ Number
Intelligence Report Issue: 95 Dated: Summer 1999 Pages: 6-11
Gregory A. Walker
Date Published
6 pages
Steven Barry is a former member of the United States Army's Special Forces, edits an underground newsletter called The Resister that is racist and anti-Semitic, and has become a central figure at the crossroads of right-wing extremism and the paramilitary underground.
Barry entered West Point in 1973; was discharged in 1976 as a result of poor grades; joined the Army as an enlisted man in June 1976; and was trained at Airborne School, the Special Warfare Training Group, and the Special Forces. He was an instructor at the Special Warfare Center in the early 1980's, left the Army in 1985, re-enlisted in the Special Forces at the end of 1989, and retired in 1997. He conceived of The Resister in 1992 and began working on a prototype on the date of the raid by Federal agents at Waco, Tex., in February 1993. Barry said in 1995 that the Special Forces Underground supported The Resister. The newsletter boasted of Special Forces members' illegally defying orders in Haiti by helping to arm anti-democratic forces. The newsletter had a close relationship with the magazine Soldier of Fortune. Barry was a target of both Federal and criminal military investigations, but he remained in the military. Since his retirement, The Resister has moved further to the right; has published full-page advertisements from the Neo-Nazi National Alliance; and presents tirades against Jews, black persons, immigrants, and women. Only time will tell whether Barry develops into an important leader of the extremist right; he has military qualities and contacts that make him both appealing to neo-Nazis and dangerous to the public. Photographs