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Staff Perceptions

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Date Published
February 2014
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This PbS (Performance Based Standards) Staff Climate Survey asked staff members in secure residential facilities for youth about their perceptions, experiences, and feelings regarding their work.


Ninety-seven percent of respondents indicated that staff genuinely cares about residents, and 96 percent said staff used force only when all other means of control have been exhausted; 97 percent reported that staff treats residents fairly. This is an increase in the percentage of staff with this attitude since October 2012. Eighty-five percent of staff said they are satisfied with their jobs; 82 percent indicated they received the information needed to perform their jobs effectively, and 93 percent reported they know their job expectations. Ninety percent of staff reported they had received the training they need to perform their jobs; 88 percent said the training improved their job skills, and 77 percent indicated the support and guidance they received from their supervisors was "good" or "excellent." Most staff (92 percent) indicated they talk to the youth about their families, and 76 percent said they value family members and the youths' social supports. Just over three-fourths of staff said their facilities were "safe" or "very safe." Similarly, when youths were asked whether they feared for their safety at the facility within the last 6 months; 78 percent said they did not fear for their safety. The importance of this survey stems from research showing a linear relationship between positive staff feelings about their training and support and the outcomes for youth. Just over 4,000 staff from across the Nation completed this survey. 5 figures