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Staff Training: Foundation for Success (From Juvenile and Adult Boot Camps, P 257-266, 1996 -- See NCJ-165590)

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J F Wertz; R D Griffith
Date Published
10 pages
This paper on staff training takes the correctional practitioner through the necessary steps to establish and maintain a credible boot camp training program.
Regardless of the subject, the success of any training program depends in large part on staff selection, quality of instruction, and inservice training. Staff selection is vital to the overall success of any boot camp program. Boot camp instructors should possess certain values, such as courage, candor, competence, and commitment. Inservice training should be completed on a scheduled periodic basis throughout the year. Once an instructor earns drill certification, instruction methods and training standards should be consistent and maintained systematically. Each boot camp should have a sole point of contact for training. Both strategic and tactical planning should be employed to ensure training sessions are appropriate, and techniques should be implemented to minimize training staff burnout. The effectiveness of Pennsylvania's 6-month boot camp program is examined.