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Standards Relating to Juror Use and Management

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204 pages
This draft presents recommendations addressing four areas of jury management: selection of prospective jurors, selection of a particular jury, jury system efficiency, and juror education and comfort.
For each of the 19 standards, commentary sets forth the rationale. Accompanying outlines suggest actions for courts to take in order to comply. Standards relating to the selection of prospective jurors delineate the duty of the court to avoid practices and procedures that curtail the opportunity to serve on the jury, specify representative and inclusive list compilation, and recommend random selection procedures. Additional standards address the qualifications for jury service; discuss term of service; and examine exemptions, excuses, and deferrals. Standards relating to selection of a particular jury recommend that counsel receive basic background information on prospective jurors prior to voir dire, set forth principles for determining when a juror should be removed for cause, and discuss issues surrounding peremptory challenges. Standards relating to efficient jury management consider administration of the jury system, notification and summoning procedures, monitoring the jury system, juror use, jury facilities, and juror compensation. The last four standards relate to juror performance and deliberations. They discuss juror orientation and instruction, jury size and the unanimity of verdict, jury deliberations, and the limited purposes for which a jury should be sequestered. The appendix concerns inclusiveness of the jury source list. A glossary, an index, a bibliography, and footnotes accompany the standards.