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State of Maryland Domestic Violence Annual Report: A Statistical Report Encompassing 1996 and 1997 Statewide Data

NCJ Number
Date Published
May 1999
13 pages
Data from the Maryland Uniform Crime Reporting program revealed that police agencies received reports of 25,792 cases of domestic assault in 1997 and 24,940 cases in 1996.
All domestic violence offenses except murder increased from 1996 to 1997. Murder decreased 29.6 percent, motor vehicle theft increased 450 percent, larceny-theft increased 384.8 percent, breaking or entering increased 145.1 percent, rape increased 43.9 percent, robbery increased 43.8 percent, and aggravated assault increased 0.8 percent. The largest number of domestic violence offenses occurred on Sunday in 1997. The time period with the highest frequency was 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. The most frequent circumstance cited as surrounding the domestic violence offenses was argument over infidelity or claims of unfaithfulness. The wife was the victim in 10,054 of the cases in 1997. Exceptional clearances took place in 8,741 cases and arrests took place in 10,551 cases in 1997. Maryland's Uniform Crime Reporting Program created a revised Battered Spouse data collection form as a result of the Domestic Violence Act of 1994. The form collects data on incidents involving married persons living together and on males and females and persons of the same sex who are cohabiting or had cohabited. Tables