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Statistical Review 1991-1992

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186 pages
The 1991-1992 Statistical Review of the Queensland, Australia, Police Service, contains detailed data on crime, offenders, traffic law enforcement, and calls for assistance.
The publication analyzes police crime statistics and provides insights into the nature of crime in Queensland communities. Data are provided on police personnel, Queensland's Police Crime Statistics System, offenses, victims, and crime reporting and detection rates. Crime statistics are presented according to three major headings: offenses against the person, offenses against property, and other offenses. Offenses against the person include homicide, assault, sex offenses, robbery, extortion, kidnapping, and abduction and deprivation of liberty. Offenses against property include breaking and entering, arson and other property damage, motor vehicle theft, stealing, and fraud. Other offenses include handling stolen goods, drug offenses, prostitution, liquor law violations, gaming violations, vagrancy, stock-related offenses, and traffic offenses. Crime statistics are presented by region, and 1991-1992 crime data are compared with crime data for 1990-1991. Tables and figures