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Statistics on the Operation of Certain Police Powers Under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, England and Wales, 1989

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Statistics on the operation of certain police powers under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act for England and Wales in 1989 cover stops and searches, road checks, persons detained for more than 24 hours without charge, persons detained under warrant of further detention, and intimate searches (search of body orifices).
In 1989 the police recorded 202,800 stops and searches, 53,200 or 36 percent more than in 1988. The number of resulting arrests increased slightly more, i.e., by 38 percent. Over half the increase in stops and searches was for drugs which rose by 58 percent. A total of 227 road checks were recorded compared with 294 in 1988. A total of 547 persons were detained for more than 24 hours (up to a maximum of 96 hours) and subsequently released without charge. Warrants of further detention without charge beyond 36 hours were applied for in 287 cases, 159 fewer than in 1988. Seventy-seven percent of those held under a warrant of further detention were eventually charged, similar to the percentage in the previous 2 years. Fifty persons were subjected to an intimate search compared with 62 in 1988. Forty-two of the searches were conducted by a suitable qualified person. 9 notes and 9 tables


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