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Staying Safe: What You Can Do About Sexual Violence

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26 pages
This booklet is intended to help citizens learn ways to reduce and stop the damage caused by sexual assault by preventing sexual violence and responding appropriately to sexual violence that has already occurred.
The manual uses a question-and-answer format to explain that sexual assault is any unwanted or forced sexual contact between people and that it happens every day in the streets, in homes, in public areas, and in places of business. The manual also notes that sexual assault can happen to anyone; that sex offenders come from all ethnic and racial groups, all ages, all social classes, and both genders; and that the majority of sex offenders know their victims before they assault them. Further questions and answers focus on the signs of sexual assault and sexual abuse; actions adults should take if they think that a child has been sexually abused; actions to take if the victim is an adult; how to avoid becoming a sexual assault victim at home, while traveling, and in social situations; and what to do if sexually assaulted. List of resource organizations in Wisconsin