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Step-Up: A Development Guide for Sponsors of Apprenticeship- Based Employment Programs

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137 pages
This guide describes the Step-Up concept, an apprenticeship- based employment and training program strategy; how to develop a program based on this concept; and how such a program can work in partnership with other programs that target needy individuals and families; some existing programs that use the step-up concept are described.
The Step-Up strategy was developed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor to address the "Welfare to Work" and economic self-sufficiency needs of public housing residents and other low- income people. Step-Up is designed to use Federal construction assistance funding streams, such as housing and community development grants, as employment and training sites. Flexible, locally customized Step-Up sponsor/employer/labor partnerships built around apprenticeship develop and operate the programs in conjunction with related collaborations with providers of comprehensive support services. Key steps in developing a Step-Up program are to establish a sponsor, create a local Step-Up team, develop a plan, assess needs and resources, identify funding sources, and make labor arrangements. Fifteen existing Step-Up programs are described in this guide. Appended national apprenticeship and training standards, procedure for applying for Step-Up designation, a list of contacts, and profiles of the Step-Up Federal partners