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Street Drug Analysis: An Eleven Year Perspective on Illicit Drug Alteration

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Seminars in Adolescent Medicine Volume: 1 Issue: 4 Dated: (December 1985) Pages: 247-257
C L Renfroe; T A Messinger
Date Published
11 pages
This article reports on the content of drug samples submitted to Analysis Anonymous, a nonprofit confidential drug testing service of PharmChem Laboratories, from 1973 through 1983.
During this period, 20,721 drug samples were examined from the United States and a number of other countries. This total applies only to the most commonly used and abused drugs: amphetamine, cocaine, heroin/opiate, LSD, Marijuana/hashish, mescaline, MDA/MDM, methamphetamine, methaqualone, PCP, and psilocin/psilocybin. The table for each of these drugs provides information for each of the 11 years on the number of samples submitted, the number of samples whose content was the same as alleged, the number that contained both alleged and other drugs, the number that contained only a nonalleged drug, the number with unidentified substances, and the number for which no drugs were detected. Although PharmChem vouches for the actual content and description of samples, information about alleged content, origin, and price were volunteered by sample donors and is not verifiable. For these reasons, the data in this article are acknowledged not to represent a strict scientific sample. 12 tables and 2 references