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Survey of Select Federal and State Laws Governing Victim Impact Statements and a Victim's Right to be Heard Post-Conviction Regarding the Imposition and Completion of Sentence

NCJ Number
Date Published
August 2018
176 pages
This report presents federal and state-by-state provisions of laws that govern victim impact statements and a victim's right to be heard after conviction regarding the imposition and completion of sentence; provisions that relate to juvenile proceedings are generally not included.
A detailed chart enables a comparison of the provisions of federal and each state's law on this issue. The chart consists of four columns, with each stating a legislative provision related to victim impact statements. For each jurisdiction surveyed, a check is applied to each provision that is included in the jurisdiction's law on victim impact statements. One provision is the "right to present a victim impact at sentencing." A second provision is the "right to have victim impact information included in the presentence report." A third provision is the "right to present a statement/information about parole, probation, and/or other changes in custodial status (e.g., early release and sex offender registration)." The fourth provision is the "right to present a statement/information about one or more of the following: pardon, commutation, clemency, expungement, expunction." The federal government. each of the 50 states, and the District of Columbia has at least one of the four provisions.