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Take a Tour of DOC Web Sites: Gonna Get Connected

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Corrections Technology and Management Volume: 5 Issue: 1 Dated: January/February 2001 Pages: 44-47
Laurence P. Maloney
Date Published
4 pages
This article discusses the content of department of corrections (DOC) web sites and lists some web sites that can provide directions to particular web sites.
Most States now have DOC web sites, but they are at various stages of development. Some are not more than a couple of pages of information, such as addresses and phone numbers, but others are interactive portals that allow visitors to monitor the sentences of convicts, get maps of facilities, and perform other research. Many sites have a menu for easy navigation. Among the award-winning sites briefly profiled are those of Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Florida. Minnesota takes a progressive approach to rehabilitation on its site by spotlighting programs that look at the solution instead of the problem. The New York site includes an inmate "lookup," press releases, job opportunities, and a facilities list. Pennsylvania's site includes photos of inmates performing constructive work for the community and a section on frequently asked questions. The Illinois' site has a quick facility-locator drop-down menu, a fast inmate search drop-down menu, a couple of news briefs, and a navigation bar. Florida offers a facts-and-fallacies section that attempts to correct misconceptions about its correctional institutions, and it provides information on gangs, escapes, an offender network, and virtual prison tours.