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Terrorism: The Cuban Connection

NCJ Number
R W Fontaine
Date Published
199 pages
The author's contention is that Cuban involvement in terrorism is longstanding and is a major instrument of the Government's expansionary foreign policy.
A mark of Fidel Castro's career since 1959 is that he views support of terrorism as heroic guerrilla warfare. With the exception of Nicaragua, however, no government has ever been overthrown or replaced by Cuban-sponsored terrorists. Cuba has developed a number of secret services that train and support terrorists and guerrilla movements in many countries. It is felt that Castro's terrorist activities have increasingly served the purposes of the Soviet Union. Guerrilla warfare doctrine developed by Castro and Che Guevara is examined, and historical developments in the Castro regime's use of terrorism are reviewed. Instruments and methods employed by the Cuban Government to support terrorism abroad are discussed, and Cuban-sponsored terrorism in the Caribbean, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the United States is reviewed. Appendixes provide supporting documentation and photographs of Cuban terrorist activities. 87 references, 10 figures.


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